Introducing the newest technology in non-invasive, zero downtime reduction of fat, cellulite, and uneven skin tone. Ritual's certified cryotherapy technicians provide personalized care with each individual client's goals in mind.

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What is Cryo Therapy?

Cryo therapy is a painless, non-invasive procedure which uses a cooling technology to permanently freeze fat cells and reduce fat instantly. You will also see improvement of skin texture, reduced inflammation, brighter skin tone, improve elasticity, and flushes lactic acid in the muscles. This treatment is the perfect lunch-time procedure lasting between 30-60 mins depending on treatment area.


When will I see results?

Results will be immediate with the next two weeks using your metabolism to flush the frozen fat cells out of the body. Most individuals experience the best results within 5-10 sessions, depending on the area of the body and how many inches of fat needs to be treated.

ce a week between sessions, also has a part to play in it.

Are results permanent?

Results vary by each individual. You can boost your results by leading a healthier lifestyle with diet and exercise. Fat cells are frozen permanently however our bodies continue to grow fat and monitoring fat intake greatly improves results, especially long term.

How long will my CryoFacial results last?

Just like any other facial series, you will see best results with continued treatments. A CryoFacial increases collagen production, reduces inflammation, refine pores, and increases skin elasticity. It is recommended to be on a professional skincare regimen to accelerate your results. CryoFacial results are not permanent as the aging process will continue after your treatments.

Cryotherapy Services


Cryofacials lift, tone, brighten, and instantly soothes inflammatory of the skin while building collagen.


Cryo Slimming freezes fat cells with variations of hot and cold temps on any area of the body


Cryo Toning reduces cellulite, stimulates collagen production, rejuvenates, and improves circulation.

pain relief

Get relief from sore muscles by reducing inflammation, building collagen, & flushes lactic acid.

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Client Reviews

Dana R.

"Stephanie is always a joy; she makes you feel comfortable and is so easy to work with. I've been going to her since 2018 and I refuse to go to anyone else"

five star rating

Megan M.

"My skin is super happy! As someone in the performing arts, I need to look great whenever I step on stage. Stephanie helps me feel confident!"

five star rating

Stephanie M.

"This was my first time receiving Cryo and I was super impressed! Cara is very thorough and informative. I can see the difference already!"

five star rating

Lisa C.

"Stephanie is by far the best esthetician I have ever had. She makes me feel beautiful every time I'm there."

five star rating

Our Staff

Stephanie, Esthetician

I specialize in results driven, corrective skincare for acne and anti-aging. I am also certified in Oncology Esthetics, Health Challenged Skin, Elleebana Pro, and CryoSkin.

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